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allocation process taking 2 hours

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We were using SL 2011 with the remote desktop to access 2011 SL , later we upgraded it to 2015 SL, our allocation process has gone from 5 minutes to over 120 minutes, when we run allocations on new SL 2015 from client. What might be causing the issue?

  • Brian_IL Profile Picture
    Brian_IL 705 on at
    RE: allocation process taking 2 hours

    Breaking down the setup into separate components makes troubleshooting much easier. If you have an SL demo database, you can run an allocation there to look for environment vs. program changes vs. the upgraded database being the issue. Reviewing and testing each part separately helps greatly in narrowing down what is causing a large difference in performance.

  • JohnTwohig Profile Picture
    JohnTwohig 140 on at
    RE: allocation process taking 2 hours

    That is puzzling. Is it only with allocations that you noticed a big change after the upgrade?

    I assume you have done the simple things like checking that the server that SQL Server runs on isn't short of disk space and checked the Event Logs and SQL Logs for errors. And be sure to check the same things on the remote desktop you are using. 

    At this point I would do one of two things:

    1.  Have a Dynamics SL partner do a SQL trace to see exactly what is happening. I find it hard to make much sense out of a SQL trace with Dynamics but we had a case once where our partner was able to find a problem that way.
    2.  In a test database try different allocations to see if the issue is related to one particular step in the allocation method, or one project or type of project, or one currency. I would create a new allocation method with one step, enter one transaction, and allocate it. It should be quick. Then I would try different steps and more transactions. With any luck you will find the one change that causes things to slow down and that will point out the problem.
  • MaruthiG Profile Picture
    MaruthiG 50 on at
    RE: allocation process taking 2 hours

    Thank you John for your response. We built all the missing indexes on APP and SYS DBs and the RAM also  14 GB each on DB server and on APP server, no change in the performance :(

  • JohnTwohig Profile Picture
    JohnTwohig 140 on at
    RE: allocation process taking 2 hours

    When something slows down like that the first thing I try is rebuilding the indexes in SQL Server. 

    Maybe you don't have enough RAM in your SQL Server. If your server is virtualized it is easy enough to increase the RAM to see if it makes a difference. But I would do the indexes first.

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