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Batch Control Rpt for Revenue Recognition process

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We have a site that upgraded to 7.0FP1 and now they get a batch control report that prints two reports with the Revenue Recogniton Process. The reports are:
1. Revenue Reconition Process -  Results
2. PA070.rpt - Transaction List by Batch

How can I turn these batch reports off so they are not printed each time the Revenue Recognition process is run?

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    Nayan Mansinha 1,245 on at
    Re: Batch Control Rpt for Revenue Recognition process

    Did you ever find how to suppress that report?  We are looking to suppress it too.


  • Re: Batch Control Rpt for Revenue Recognition process

    Dear PBrattin,

    Hello my name is Jana


    Revenue Recognition prints out the Results (basically a screen print of the process) and the pa070 report.


    This has always been its design:

    Each project is processed individually. Upon completion of a final process, the batch number assigned is displayed along with the computations for each project or task processed. In addition, the Transaction List by Batch (PA.070.00) report prints an audit trail of all transactions created by a final process.

    All this is hardcoded in the PAREV00.EXE screen (this is a common question/request)

    If client says they didn't print in the previous version I wonder if they had a customization that stopped this process, or had it print to file?

    Anyway as far as I know, you can't turn off the printing of the two result reports. The first one can't be customized either- its a hardcoded text file (FYI)


    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Best Regards,




    Following up...This issue is fixed in sl2011 sp1.

    Revenue Recognition Printing

    On a final, Revenue Recognition no longer disables the "Display" options that  force the Transaction List report to the printer.   If "Display Results" option is chosen on a final, the report will appear in print preview mode.

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