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GL Distribution - Vendor setup

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The software I previously used, you were able to default the GL distribution based on account #. For example, you may have numerous account #'s for utilities with numerous GL distributions. You aren't able to default the GL for vendor but you could for account #. Are you able to do this in GP?

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    JodeRuiter Profile Picture
    JodeRuiter 976 UG Leader on at
    RE: GL Distribution - Vendor setup

    In other words, it won't default based on the Vendors Account Number, you can set up a listing of accounts to choose from.  If you MUST have it default by Vendor's Account Number you will need to set up multiple vendors for the same vendor and set their default accounts as Mark described below (not optimal).  If you have to go this route, there is a third party for Payables National Accounts that could help with reporting.

  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GL Distribution - Vendor setup

    You would put the most commonly needed account in the purchases field and the others behind the ellipses. They would come up as possible accounts during data entry.

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    talee 45 on at
    RE: GL Distribution - Vendor setup

    Thank you Richard.

    So for example, a vendor Hydro One has the following accounts:

    account #1234         GL#123456 and GL#654321
    account #5678         GL#789987
    account #9876         GL#444444 and GL#555555 and GL#111111
    account #4321         GL#234567

    These can all be created in the vendor setup you have suggested?    




  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GL Distribution - Vendor setup

    You can go to Cards->Purchasing->Vendors and pull up the vendor. Click on the Accounts button and you can assign defaults accounts to be used for the vendor. Next to purchases there is a series of ellipses when you can enter multiple expense accounts.

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