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Entering Duplicate Purchase Orders

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I work at a wholesale distribution company.  We order 200 truckloads of the same product on a single day.  For tracking and accounting purposes, we need each truckload to have it's own Purchase Order #. 

What is the best way to create 200 PO's at a single time?  Currently I create a single PO and then select "Copy Document" 199 times.  There has to be a better way.



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    RE: Entering Duplicate Purchase Orders


    On the Item Card, for the Item in Question, set the Order Multiple = 200. Then using the Requisition Worksheet you can generate the demand and the Purchase Order suggestions will be in increments of 200.

    Note that the demand would come from Sales Orders or a Forecast, which would create the Requisition requests for the Purchase Orders.



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    JAngle 33,135 on at
    RE: Entering Duplicate Purchase Orders

    Requisition worksheet. You can import to it and only create 1 row of data which will cater for the item/gl account and the header for the vendor.

    if this works for you then setup a recurring requisition worksheet and never key in the data again

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    RE: Entering Duplicate Purchase Orders

    Use Configuration Package, if you know about it,  to create 200 orders, otherwise it will be time consuming to enter lines each time.

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    Andy Sather on at
    RE: Entering Duplicate Purchase Orders

    Hello Michael - You could import these in through Excel using a Configuration Package.

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