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Creating a TB with Dimensions as columns

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Hi All 

My client is in the UK and wants a Trial Balance which shows the split out by the amount allocated to each Cost Centre (which we have setup as a global dimension) There doesn't appear to be an out of the box report that does this unless I have completely missed it  so I am asking for some assistance on how I can create one for them?

Any help greatly appreciated as it is quite urgent that they get this working for their month end as they don't want to have to run each TB separately for each individual cost centre. The Trial Balance, Spread by dimension report in F&O is the exact combination they want but they are using Business Central.



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    RE: Creating a TB with Dimensions as columns


    If you are trying to print a Trial Balance, per Global Dimension, spread over periods, use the last report shown in pic:


    You can create an Account Analysis for the Accounts you what to analyze and the Dimensions you want to use as Columns. You create a Column Layout for the Periods and then run Analysis by Dimension for the Account Schedule (say Income Statement) and Column Layout (say 2021 Year) and you will see the image.

    Hope this helps.



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    loz1981 45 on at
    RE: Creating a TB with Dimensions as columns

    ok a quick edit here

    looking at this list of reports available in D365 BC from the following link it would appear I am missing a whole bunch of Trial Balance reports as shown below any ideas on where I can get these reports?


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