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Bill Of Material structure for StockKeeping Unit

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Want to create bill of Material Structure for Stock Keeping Unit. My all stock keeping unit has its own routing and production BOM.

Not ablet to understand on how to pass this on the BOM structure page. (Procedure 'InitItem') takes only Item as input and not stock keeping unit.
Already tried to define the OnAction trigger on page extension of StockKeeping Unit

My of code is

        //Add changes to page actions here
                Caption = 'Bill of Materials';
                Image = Production;
                    ApplicationArea = Assembly;
                    Caption = 'Structure';
                    Image = Hierarchy;
                    ToolTip = 'View which child items are used in an item''s assembly BOM or production BOM. Each item level can be collapsed or expanded to obtain an overview or detailed view.';

                    trigger OnAction()
                        BOMStructure: Page "BOM Structure";
                        Item: Record Item;
                        Item."No." := Rec."Item No.";
                        item."Replenishment System" := rec."Replenishment System";
                        item."Production BOM No." := rec."Production BOM No.";
                        item."Routing No." := rec."Routing No.";
                        Item.SetRange("Location Filter", Rec."Location Code");
                        Item.setrange("Variant Filter", Rec."Variant Code");
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    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Bill Of Material structure for StockKeeping Unit


    What version of BC are you on? In Wave 2 2021 v19 the Production BOM and Routing appear on the SKU Card.




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    Andy Sather on at
    RE: Bill Of Material structure for StockKeeping Unit

    Hello  - We currently do not have dedicated Dev support via the Dynamics 365 Business Central forums, but I wanted to provide you some additional resources to assist.  If you need assistance with debugging or coding I would recommend discussing this on one of our communities.

    I will open this up to the community in case they have something to add.

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