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SSRS Report

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I have 3 arrays whose size is declared with variables as seen in the image, when I put a small value in my arrays, for example a size of 1, it works fine for me, but if I put a size greater than 5 it shows me this error


in the past they told me to increase the time, I did 2 tests, the first was 2 hours and the second 15 hours, but it gives me the same error, instead of setting 10 minutes, I set 2 hours and then 15 hours respectively

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    Luis Pascual 350 on at
    RE: SSRS Report

    the company is a civil construction company, which works with different types of projects, the project matrix saves the projects and the items of the projects, the items are sub-projects of the same main project (It is a one-dimensional matrix), the matrix of categories saves the categories that are used at the accounting level, these categories are different groups of items or services that are acquired to carry out the project (It is a one-dimensional matrix) and the third matrix saves the amount of each project or sub-project with its category (It is a two-dimensional matrix relating the first 2 arrays).

    It is an SSRS report. The data source is an RDP. When I debug it everything works fine.

    You are right when you say that the reports are processed by ssrs but where the data is displayed is Microsoft Visual Studio (VS), the error gives me when I run it in VS that it keeps loading as if it had a lot of data, but really it only has 18 pages, so if I put the arrays of a small size it works fine for me, but I really need the arrays to be at least 15 positions. 

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    Martin Dráb 225,862 Super User on at
    RE: SSRS Report

    Let me ask more specifically.

    What do you do with those arrays?

    Is is about an SSRS report or Management Reporter? Your options for debugging depends on what you're talking about.

    If it's an SSRS report, what is the source of data? If it's an RDP class, what did you find when you debugged it? Note that "when the report is generated" is too vague; you can find out at which phase it fails.

    Also, what do you mean by sauong thay VS stays loading? VS is a development environment, but SSRS reports are processed by SSRS.

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    Luis Pascual 350 on at
    RE: SSRS Report

    the code is debugged without errors, it doesn't get stuck, the problem comes when the report is generated, which in the VS stays loading and never ends, but if I put a smaller number in the arrays, it works fine but that way it doesn't give me all the results I need. These matrices load the projects that the company has and the categories of the projects in a general way, what the third matrix does is to load the amount of each project with each category.

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    Martin Dráb 225,862 Super User on at
    RE: SSRS Report

    What did you find when you debug your code? At what line of code does it get stuck? What do you do with those arrays?

    Also, why the title is "SSRS Report" and the category "Management Reporter" if you never mentioned any of these technologies in the body? If it's somehow related to one of them, please explain how, and remove the reference to the other. And don't use generic titles such as "SSRS Report". That would work as a tag classifying your question, but it's not a good title of a particular question.

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