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Route with Linktype "Hard" is scheduled with long time gap between operations

Posted on by 75


We are using AX2012 R3 and have a problem with the planned production order scheduling.

  • All the primary operations in the routes have been setup with the "Hard" linktype.
    • We have multiple operations on multiple resources and we want AX to keep the operations together.
  • Our setup works for 99,5% of our production orders. A product could have four correctly plannes production orders an a fifth one with a time gap between the operations.
  • A planned production order with time gaps could the be correct after manually rescheduling.
  • We have not seen any logical connection to certain resources causing the problem.
  • The problem seems to appear randomly.

Example of route:


Example of scheduled planned production order.
A long time gap between operation 80 (ending 2018-12-12) and operation 100 (starting 2019-07-23).


How can we make AX work better and avoid the time gaps in the planned production orders?

  • Mr W Profile Picture
    Mr W 75 on at
    RE: Route with Linktype "Hard" is scheduled with long time gap between operations


    In our case like you see in the screenshot we used the same resource in many of the operations following each other.

    When having this setup we sometime experienced the time gaps. The key for us was the usage of the same resource multiple times.

    We never found a really good solution for this problem but instead started to use a workaround.

    In our setup the different Route operations were mainly just holding descriptions for what to do in different steps in the same resource.

    Our solution was to instead of having multiple steps, just to have one operation for each resource. In the description text we split the description text in different sections "01", "02", "03" and added the old route descriptions.

    In the BOM we then started to use the field "Position" where we added "01", "02", "03" etc to indicate in the production order document which component that belonged to each description section in the Route. We also customized the document to get the postion printed I think. By doing this we accomplish the same thing as before when we had unique route operations for each step in the production.

    I hope you understand what I'm trying to describe :)

  • IzaB Profile Picture
    IzaB 12 on at
    RE: Route with Linktype "Hard" is scheduled with long time gap between operations

    Hi Mr W,

    Have you any solution to this problem?

    I have similar probelm in MS Dynamcs 365. I would very thankfull for information.

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