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How do i sign up for GP 2016 updates so they are emailed to me automatically?

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Was forwarded the following from a colleague but how do I sign up to get these updates sent to me automatically?



From: Terry Heley []
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2018 10:36 AM
To: Terry Heley <>
Subject: Happy New Year!


Good Morning,


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Boxing Holiday and now we are preparing for a new year!  Where does the time go.


There are a couple of notes I wanted to pass on that may help you during this busy time of year.


Over all the year end is going really well, no major issues to report which is awesome.


  1. There is an issue with the South Carolina tax tables in round 1 that you will notice it is under withholding.  Attached is a script you can run to fix that amount against the Dynamics DB if you run payroll in SC
    We will get this all corrected on January 2/3 and upload a new file, just temporary if you need it now.
  2. Due to the table changes we made in the Canadian year end update, after you install it when you go to run 2019 payroll and print checks you may encounter this error, specific to Canadian Payroll Checks
    P_CPY_SET_Employer_Number failed accessing sql data
    This is if you are using MeKorma to print your checks, they are aware of the issue and working on a patch, it is noted on their site at the bottom


  1. We have seen just a couple cases of this come in that you cannot save a journal entry  and receive this error message:
    Unhandled script exception: illegal address for field [Not Found] in script Dummy_Save_2
    This is related to Nolan Intercompany and they too have a patch you need to install to get past this error message.


  1. Looking forward, we will have Round 2 tax update middle of January so far reporting we have the following states
    2019 Round 2 Tax Update- Target release, 1/18/2019
    Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont


  1. We will have a January hotfix for GP 2018 and GP 2016 for sure on the VAT changes and some bug fixes, GP 2015 only if we have a regulatory change that needs to be dropped.
    Also the upgrade issue will finally be put to rest in the January HF for duplicates on the SmartList Favorites, ASIEXP86, or so I hope J


Thanks to everyone for all you do to continue to support our customers and get them upgraded for year end and ready to run successfully in 2019!




Terry Heley | Sr. Escalation Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics

701-492-6376 (o) | 701-412-5619 (m) |