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custom sort view on All Sales Orders

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Posted on by 97

This feels like a stupid question but I would like to understand it. I have a custom view on the All Sales Orders screen to sort by order number but it's always defaulting me to have the very first order highlighted at the bottom of the screen.  If I want to view newer orders, I have to scroll up and wait for it to load the next batch.  How can I make it default to always listing the newest orders first and lazy load the oldest orders as I scroll down? I've tried switching my sort to order creation date also with same results and when I switch back to the standard view, I have the same issue.  If I switch my sort back to oldest to newest, it behaves kind of how I want in that it defaults me to the most recent order highlighted at the bottom but I'm confused as to why I can't have it sort newest to oldest and scroll down - I have my "All Production Orders" screen sorted from oldest to newest and it doesn't default me to the bottom of the table. 

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    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: custom sort view on All Sales Orders


    Sorry about it.

    It is recommended to re-post your issue to the forum of F&O for further help.

    Here is the link:

    (+) Dynamics 365 Finance - Forums, Blogs, Support

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    lfulk 97 on at
    RE: custom sort view on All Sales Orders

    Hi Nya , I appreciate your response but my question is regarding views in d365f&o. We are not using Power Apps.

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    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: custom sort view on All Sales Orders


    Please refer to the following documentation to know how to configure the sorting of a view.

    Sort rows in a model-driven app view in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

    You can add the Created On field into the view and sort the records according to this field.


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