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Approval Request Entries Page Permissions

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As super user in Business Central, I am able to access the page " Approval request entries", and see every approval request ever sent by any user, but I would need to create a permission set to allow our business managers access and be able to "read" the information in "Approval request entries" for their team members.

I have created a permission set in our sandbox environment to test this but I can´t seem to get it right. I have added following: 

  • Table Data -> 454 /  Read Permission: Yes / Insert permission: Indirect / The rest: blank. 
  • Report-> 0 All objects of type report / Excecute permission 
  • Page -> 662 / Execute permissions: Yes

For some reason users already have access to view their own approval request entries, but not from their colleagues. What am I doing wrong ?I just want to create a permission set that would allow the managers to view the information on the page "Approval request entries" for all their team members and not only their own, and maybe use the function "open in excel" but not Edit in Excel.  Do you have any tips on what effective permissions I am missing on the permission set ? Do you have any other experience on how to follow-up on pending approval requests for all team members? 

Really thankful for the help in advance,