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Approval workflow only for Invoicing, not for shipment

Posted on by 133

Hi everyone!

When setting up approval workflows I want to make my back office employees to be able to ship sales orders without approval, but when they want to invoice the order they do need approval.

So, when an back office employee clicks on 'Posting' and then 'Ship' in a sales order he should be able to go through the procedure. But when he chooses 'Invoice' or 'Ship and Invoice' he first needs to ask for approval.


Is there a way to seperate these tasks in the approval workflow? If yes, what are the settings/conditions for this? The standard conditions are as follows (half of it is in dutch, but I hope you'll get the point):


Thanks very much!

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    RE: Approval workflow only for Invoicing, not for shipment

    Thanks for your reply! Your explanation is very clear. I think we have to structure our process a bit differently in that case but it will do! Thanks!

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    RE: Approval workflow only for Invoicing, not for shipment



    When enable Sales Order Approval Workflow, the application will trigger the approval process before you be able to proceed with shipment (because is an workflow to approve the order before processing it).

    When enable Sales Invoice Approval Workflow but you post the Invoice from the Sales Order, the application will not trigger this workflow as the document type from where you are performing the actions is Order and not Invoice.


    In case it fits in your process, a possible solution can be to enable Sales Invoice Approval Workflow and then to invoice by creating a new Sales Invoice > Get Shipment Lines > Send to Approval.

    In this case the workflow will be trigger when trying to post the Sales Invoice without approval.


    Hope this may help you.

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