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Purchase Order Return

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We recently upgraded to SL 2011.  Now, when we return material against a completed purchase order (received and vouchered) we are unable to update any of the line item fields - such as input a new delivery date.  The user guide/help says that when you return against a line item it will change the status of the following fields.  PO status is changed to "Open", Receipt status is changed to "Partially Received" and Voucher status is changed to "Partially Vouchered".  The first two statuses get changed but the voucher status does not.  Because that still shows as "Fully Vouchered" you can not edit the line item.  Once a credit memo is applied against the line item, then you can make adjustments.  But that is usually several days after the return and changing the line is forgotten.

I am told this used to work fine in Version 7 but it does not do as advertised in SL 2011.   Has anyone else run into this change when you upgraded to SL 2011?

Thanx for your help.


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    Re: Purchase Order Return


    Sorry for the delay getting back to you.  I have had a difficult time getting a response from our purchasing department.  The best I can tell is that this is not a new issue with SL 2011, so it is not a regression.  We still feel the way the documentation presents it is the preferred method so changes can be made in a more immediate timeline and without notification from the AP department that the credit memo or debit adjustment has been processed.

    Another minor point has been brought to my attention regarding the purchase orders.  On occasion they will cancel a line item on the purchase order.  When this is necessary, rather than delete the line item and lose any audit history of what was originally ordered, they change the quantity ordered to zero.  Unfortunately, after all other line items are fully received and vouchered, the purchase order status remains open instead of changing to completed.  It doesn’t look like PO Integrity Check has any option to close purchase orders based on no outstanding detail line items.  Is manually closing these purchase orders the only way to close them?

    Thanx for your help.


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    I have tested this on SL 2011 sp1 and 7.0 fp1 demo databases and I get the same results.  The line item on the PO is disabled until I release the Debit Adjustment batch in AP.  Do you know which service pack was applied to Version 7 where this worked differently?  I do see the blurb in the User Guide you're referring to and would agree, setting it to Partially Vouchered is a good plan, but, it's obviously not doing that.  I don't see where this has been reported as a bug, I will write it up - development will need to determine if it is a documentation bug or a functionality bug.  But, if you can give me a version of 7 where this worked differnently, that would help show it as a regression.

    Kind Regards,

    Jennifer Spitler

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