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D365 Commerce Multiple POS Extension

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As the D365 Commerce Independent POS package supports multiple extension through Solution. I am trying to trying to create a extensions. In my scenario there are two different extensions. I have created a single solution with 2 folders of Extensions. Each folder is has their on (Pos.Extension, ChannelDatabase, CommerceRuntime, ModernPos and ModernPos Installer). However when I am building the solution. 2 Installers are getting created (Preferred output). As I deep dived into the installers manifest. I go to know. One customization is building correctly the other one is not creating ONLY the POS extension (JavaScript) files. Sometimes it creates when I am creating the whole extension projects again but after copying it or uploading it to the devOps. It doesn't create it. I have tried multiple approaches creating a single solution or creating it consolidated. The problem is the same and its only with the (POS extensions) the other components are generating properly and gets installed correctly.

Attached is screenshot for reference.


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    CU03061412-0 115 on at
    RE: D365 Commerce Multiple POS Extension

    On your screenshot “should_not_exist.file” exists, which points to the fact there is an error when code is being built.

    Please check and most likely you are missing some file or there is compile error which is causing this file to get created.

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    OriolMachin on at
    RE: D365 Commerce Multiple POS Extension

    Hey Muhammad,

    I believe I will need to let the community help you out with this one.

    However, please do see our resources on our POS extensions:


    Oriol Machin

    Support Engineer / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

    North America Customer Services and Support

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