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Invoice Printing Blank

Posted on by 710

I need some guidance on a blank invoice. (invoice number) I have checked the ARPrintQueue, but the invoice is not there. We can pull the invoice in AR Doc, so I’m not entirely sure why it prints blank. We are going through Invoice/Memo Forms (08.760.00) in the AR module under reports. I am able to print other invoices correctly, just not this one.


Please advise.

  • Bhavana Shelley Profile Picture
    Bhavana Shelley 30 on at
    RE: Invoice Printing Blank


    we have a similar situation where OM invoices are coming out blank.

    We have about 6 Shippers that prints as blank invoices.

    I have tried selecting open and closed shippers and it still doesn't work.

    In SQL the tables seems fine and is not missing any information

    Please let me know if I am missing anything.


    Bhavana Shelley

  • Brian Busbey Profile Picture
    Brian Busbey 710 on at
    Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Oddly enough, I spoke with some other members of our service department and all the invoices in question have already been posted to AR. This would explain the blank printing. I think there was a serious laps in communication between staff members. I appreciate your help with this, I hope you had a happy new year

    Thank you!

  • Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Hi Brian,

    To clarify - once an SD invoice handling status = Approved, it is available to be printed in the SD Invoice report, this status does not make it show up in AR.  Once the invoice has been printed and Keep All is selected, the invoice will then show in AR.  Since the users are selecting Delete, that explains why the invoices are not showing up in AR.  We will need to determine why they invoices are blank when they are selected for printing.  A couple things to review - assuming the SD Invoice report is customized, you'll need to rename the report file in the Usr_Rpts folder and use the standard SD Invoice report for one of these SD Invoices that are printing blank - if the standard report prints with detail, then you'll need to review the report customizations that might be causing the problem.  What is the Invoice Type (Progress, Manual, or Invoice) used for the SD Invoices?  What is the SL Build Version of the database?  

    Kind Regards,

    Jennifer Spitler

  • Brian Busbey Profile Picture
    Brian Busbey 710 on at
    Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Not showing in AR, meaning that once someone has changed an invoice handling status to Approved and saves the invoice, it should then show up in AR under the related customer to be processed through AR. We have many occasions where someone in service will process an invoice to be sent to AR, but it never shows up on AR's end. If you look in Field Service, the invoice says it has been complete, but still doesn't display in AR. The blank printing is members of our service department running the Service Call Invoice report, hitting print preview, selecting the invoices to be processed, then viewing a preview of the invoice. For some reason, these invoices that are selected return a blank template. I know that our users do see Service Invoice Printing after going through the above steps, when it returns blank, they select Delete and not Keep. I checked Service Invoice Printing for any batches waiting to be Kept or Deleted, there were none.

  • Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Hi Brian,

    When you say "print blank and do not show up in AR", are you saying that in Service Dispatch, you print the Service Call Invoice report and the invoices are blank?  If they are blank here, is it at this point that you "reset" them?  Or are you only resetting them after you can't find the invoice in AR?

    I tested this process.  After printing the Service Call Invoice report, you are given the choice to Keep All Invoices or Delete All Invoices.  Could it be that this screen is closed before the invoices are kept or deleted?  If that is the case, when you are missing AR invoices, have you looked in the Service Invoice Printing screen to see if batches are waiting to be kept?

  • Brian Busbey Profile Picture
    Brian Busbey 710 on at
    Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    That is what I had concluded.

    How ever I am still having issues with blank invoices going through Field Service.

    We often have invoices that are "Completed" in Field Service, but do not show up in AR. We then have to go into the database and manually update the smServCall table to "reset" the invoice and allow it to be re-processed. After this is done, usually the invoice will show up in AR. Lately we ahave 48+ invoices that after being "reset" and re-processed, print blank and do not show up in AR.

    Any idea what's causing this loss in communication between modules?

  • Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Hi Brian,

    The invoices that are Rlsed = 0 have not yet been released.  You would need to release them first prior to printing.

  • Brian Busbey Profile Picture
    Brian Busbey 710 on at
    Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    I should also note that this invoice, and any others like it that I have tried to print, is showing

    Rlsed = '0'

    in the database, whereas other invoices that show

    Rlsed = '1'

    do not print blank.

  • Brian Busbey Profile Picture
    Brian Busbey 710 on at
    Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    The customer is not setup for Quick Send. Yes, the user is logged into the same company as the invoice. I cannot fine KB 2469836, anytime I search for that KB article I am just brought back to this thread.

    Please advise.

  • Re: Invoice Printing Blank

    Hi Brian,

    I have a couple of questions to try and narrow down the issue:

    1.  Is this customer whose invoice is printing blank set up for Quick Send?  Look in Customer Maintenance on the Quick Send tab.

    2.  Is the user who is trying to print the invoice logged into the same company as the company of the invoice?

    3.  I assume you are using Select criteria.  Did you look at KB 2469836?

    Let me know what you find.

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