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Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

Posted on by 96

Hello Readers,

I have come across one scenario in Advance Warehousing where the client wants to use Bin Rankings so that system should recommend Bins with the Highest number first while creating Warehouse Pick.

The current setup for Bins :-

Bin          Ranking         Qty Available

X               5000                    100

Y              10000                    50

The Sales Order arrives for 80 Qty, here while creating a Warehouse Pick system is recommending to Pick 50 Qty from Bin Y and rest of the 30 Qtys to be picked from Bin X, based upon Bin Ranking which seems quite good as we are using the Rankings so the Y Bin would be the first preference for selection.

In this scenario the Picker need to move two different bins to fulfill the Order.

The Client wants system to recommend only one Bin (i.e.X Bin) for the Picker for quick pick which directly save the picker time. (This can be achieved if I removed the Bin Ranking, then this requirement will get easily fulfilled, while creating warehouse pick system will check the demand and recommend me the single bin from where the goods can be picked i.e. Bin X)

Here the actual qstn arrives, the client still wants to use the Bin Ranking for the nearest bin b'coz the nearest bin have higher ranking and they frequently replenish goods in it. however, if only the demand comes up which can't be fulfill from the nearest bin then system should recommend alternate (single) Bin from where it can be done. It should not suggest the Higher Ranking Bin along with the Lower Ranking Bin (assumed that we have sufficient stock in alternate bins to fulfill the request)

Hope the question is explained quite clear based upon the requirement.

Can this be achieved any thoughts please.

yzhums  NorthW  and anyone can feel free to revert.

  • Mazen Faw Profile Picture
    Mazen Faw 35 on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    for some reason whenever i create pick it chooses a bin according to its lot no and package no, Not by bin ranking. any solution?

  • Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,517 Super User on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    it seems that the customer doesn't use bin ranking as BC intended. The higher ranking bin is considered first by system so the higher ranking bin should always have more inventory than the lower ranking bins. customer can make certain that higher ranking bin is set up as a fixed bin for certain items to ensure enough qty for the pickers.

    also the customer needs to arrange the bins that have same or similar items close to each other to avoid picker travel long distance to the picks.

    Those are all process related issues that could be resolved outside of making changes to system. It will only cause more issue if customer has bad processes and always to want to solve by the system.

  • Mazen Faw Profile Picture
    Mazen Faw 35 on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    how did u achieve creating pick according to bin ranking, i need help with that.

  • RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    NorthW  any suggestion please (based upon my last reply)

  • RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking


    Yes, I am expecting to have the Higher ranking bin which can alone fulfill the demand rather than multiple bins suggesting me to pick from.

    Like the Bin A with Ranking 10000 has 3 qty available & Bin B with Ranking 5000 has 5 qty available & demand is for 4 qty then I want system to suggest me only one bin here with the lower ranking i.e. Bin B, rather than to Pick 3 Qty from A and 1 qty from B.

    I hope its clear now.

  • Suggested answer
    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,992 Super User on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    Hi, I think this part needs to be manually adjusted by the user rather than automatically calculated by the system.
    Even if customization is added, if the user has other special needs, it still has to be modified manually. For example, due to the long time in the warehouse, it is necessary to take 50 of Y out of the warehouse first....

    Hope this can give you some hints.



  • Greg Clemens Profile Picture
    Greg Clemens 5 on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    We were able to accomplish this, but it was through a customization written by our BC partner.

  • Suggested answer
    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,720 Super User on at
    RE: Warehouse Pick with Bin Ranking

    So basically what you want is the system to always suggest the highest ranking bin with enough inventory to fulfill the pick, and only in no single bin can fulfill the pick you want the system to suggest more bins if needed?

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