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Fix Asset - First creation and upload procedure

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Posted on by 15,395


We want to utilize fix asset in BC. We need to bring in all fix asset and information from 3rd party software.

My questions is does anyone have a good guideline for this? What are steps? challenges? etc

My assumptions are: 

1) Do the basic setup such as "Company", No series, chart of account, etc. Any good guideline here? 

2) Make sure to not turn on Integration in Fix Asset setup 

3) Use Configuration Package to upload and create all assets from third part software.  Do you have any good example of configuration package here? 

4) Create fix asset journal with 3 lines for each asset 

      1) Line one: all original info of asset value 

       2) Line two: book value (deprecation) by end of 2021. 

        3) Line three: book value ( deprecation ) between first of 2022 and before end of current month. 

5) post the journal. 

6) Check book value to make sure they are correct. 

7) Turn on "integration"

I really appreciate your help