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Rounding Issue using Line Discounts

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


We are running into an issue with our Sales Order Net Amounts being off by .01. We are currently utilizing Trade Agreement Journals for Line Discounts to offer standard extended prices to our customers, but it appears that when a customer orders more than 1 of an item, the system takes the Unit Price * Qty then Subtracts the Discount amount. We need to take the Unit Price - Discount Amount THEN * qty. 


Unit Price: 23.99

Line Discount: 17%


If a customer orders qty 5, the price in the net amount is 99.56, and the customer is expecting it to be 99.55. Because they receive 17% off these items, their extended price for this item is 23.99 - 4.08 (17%) = 19.91, so *5 is 99.55

The system is taking the base price of 23.99, multiplying it by the qty, 5, then calculating and subtracting the discount which equals to 99.56 in the Net Amount of the Sales Order 

Any help would be very appreciated. 



  • Rounding Issue using Line Discounts
    RE: Rounding Issue using Line Discounts
    Was a solution to this found? We're having a similar issue where the unit price is four decimal places after the discount is applied but the line shows a rounded value so the sales line amount looks incorrect after the quantity multiplication.
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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Rounding Issue using Line Discounts

    We need to apply the discount to the Unit price and then multiply by the Sales Quantity. How can we achieve this?



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Rounding Issue using Line Discounts

    Thank you! This is so helpful, but it is talking about CRM. How would i configure this for D365 F&O?



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    meelamri 13,198 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Rounding Issue using Line Discounts


    Please refer to this blog:

    It explains how you can configure the rounding policy.

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