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SmartList with negative total value

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Hello everyone,

I'm working with SmartList designer in GP2016R2, made a custom smartlist, and the sum of values displays in negative.L_5F00_AEC2.tmp.PNG

I checked SQL and the total of records differs from what is showed in SmartList.

I would appreciate if someone could help me.

thank you in advanced!



  • RE: SmartList with negative total value

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ezequiel and I work with Valeria in this project as a technical consultant.

    We set up a new SmartList based on the standard AccountTransactions view and we included some tables of our Localization product.  Once we finished this, we saw negative total values.

    In addition, we did an aditional test: we created another smartlist, based on the one above, and we deleted the localization tables. The results didn't change. We can still see negative total values.

    On the other hand, we noticed that the original view has functions to 'translate' values into text (please, review the funciton attached).

    Could this be the cause of this issue?


    Thank you in advance.



  • RE: SmartList with negative total value

    As far as I can find, we haven't seen this issue with SmartList Designer...

    Can you give us more information on exactly how you're setting up the custom SmartList, or are you using custom tables as well to pull information from?

    When the custom SmartList runs, if you use a dexsql.log, it should show a name of a SQL view or a SELECT statement that it is using to pull the information and you could potentially use that view or query to track where the information is being pulled from and to why it may be showing negative values.

    As always, if you have third-party products, try setting up a 'clean' Dynamics GP instance without them and see if you can re-create this issue.

    Otherwise, if you're pulling from GP tables for this custom SmartList, let us know how you're setting it up and we can test to see if we can re-create what you're seeing.


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