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Business central -SSL connection issue

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Hi All.

I am having an issue while publishing  a downloading symbols to a sandbox from my system VS code.. it gives me SSL connection issues .Also not able to download extensions from the Prod / sandbox environment  ..
same thing i am able to do with other systems. without any issue. Is there any browser / Chrome setting  or its license expired issue ?
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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Business central -SSL connection issue


    I am unaware of such a setting and I am questioning if that is a good suggestion. CRL checking is part of standard security measures, so we should leave it enabled. You mention that other users do not have this issue.

    Therefore, I looked up telemetry based on code flow and I think now the error is misleading. AL is not smart enough to through the correct error and therefore AL thinks the error is related to the SSL cert.

    It is very likely that the user is having an issue. The user's account is either disabled or not configured correctly in AAD. We may also receive this error when this issue happens related to the token:

    A security token was received that is associated with an unknown or disabled user account in Azure Active Directory.

    Could you please verify the user that does not have the issue and compare it with the user that does have the issue? In AL you can also clear credential cache, etc.

    Hope it helps. Otherwise, raise this as an issue to Microsoft so we can  really look up the telemetry or error logs for your Sandbox tenant.

    Thank you.

  • RE: Business central -SSL connection issue

    Hello , yes internet is enabled on dev machine. how we can Disable CRL checking as suggested in  link. what is the steps to disable the same

    is there any setting in AL or ?


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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Business central -SSL connection issue


    Ah, I missed that part. Is internet enabled on the developer machine? It needs to validate the crl of the SSL cert (that is hosted by Microsoft if we are talking here about BC SaaS Sandbox) and this seems to fail causing the error to occur.

    You would need to verify via Fiddler trace what urls it cannot access.


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    Nitin Verma Profile Picture
    Nitin Verma 20,984 Super User on at
    RE: Business central -SSL connection issue


    Please follow the below link as they described the same issue.

  • RE: Business central -SSL connection issue

    Thanks for your reply. this error is coming on cloud . so any other setup or option on system ?

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Business central -SSL connection issue


    Most likely the old certificate is still cached. What you need to do is the following.

    1. on your NST, disable SOAP, OData, Development services and also uncheck SSL

    2. stop NST

    3. start NST

    4. stop NST

    5. on your NST, enable SOAP, OData, Development services and also enable SSL

    6. start NST

    This will most likely resolve your issue. If NST does not start, it may be that the port binding is preventing the services to start.

    You can verify via:

    netsh http show urlacl

    If there is a url listed with the ports your NST is using, run the following command:

    netsh http delete urlacl url=<<copy of url that popped up via the show command>>

    Hope it helps.

    Thank you.

  • RE: Business central -SSL connection issue

    actual one.  but from other system it is working fine for other user. other user can publish and download the symbols.

  • ManishS Profile Picture
    ManishS 6,578 on at
    RE: Business central -SSL connection issue

    There is error in certificate, is this a self signed certificate or an actual SSL certificate purchased.

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