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Copy General Ledger Entries

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I am trying to copy General Ledger Entries in Business Central.  I find the General Ledger Entries (based on the Document No.) in the 'General Ledger Entries' Function.  However, for the copying of the General Journal, I need to go on the 'Posted General Journal' which does not list anything that I would have posted when I go into it.  However, I do know that I have posted the entries because they are available on the General Ledger.  Why is that?  It is very problematic for me if I cannot copy the entries.  
Thank you!
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    Copy General Ledger Entries
    Hi, hope the following helps.
    New Posted General Journal page in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2
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    Copy General Ledger Entries
    I think this could be due to various reasons such as filters applied or permissions settings.
    You should ensure that you're accessing the Posted General Journal with the appropriate filters and permissions to view the posted entries.
    Additionally, you can try exporting the General Ledger Entries and manually recreating them in the Posted General Journal if necessary.
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    Copy General Ledger Entries
    The system doesn't create copies of a posted general journal in the Posted General Journals Page by default, you need to turn this feature on. You can do so either in the General Journal Templates Page by checking yes on the Copy to Posted Jnl. field, or check yes the same field for each journal batch

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