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Default General Business Posting group in Item Journal

Posted on by 42
Dear Members,
While making an entry through Item journal I'm getting General Product posting of the item but I'm not getting the General Business posting group by default .Do I need to configure something or should the Business posting group be added manually? Kindly assist me in resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance,
  • Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 6,854 Super User on at
    Default General Business Posting group in Item Journal
    Ben is correct. Gen. Bus. Posting Groups are assigned to vendors and customers. In the item journal you don't have a vendor nor a customer so for this reason the Gen. Bus. Posting Group is empty. 
  • Ben Baxter Profile Picture
    Ben Baxter 4,221 Super User on at
    Default General Business Posting group in Item Journal
    An Item Journal would not use the Gen. Bus. Posting Group, as there is no Customer/Vendor involved in the transaction.  As mentioned below, you would need a blank Gen. Bus. Posting Group combo with your Gen. Prod. Posting Group of the Item to proceed with the transaction.  Keep the Sales and Purchase accounts blank to avoid allowing a partially setup Customer/Vendor transaction to occur.
    This allows you to post inventory adjustments, revaluations, etc. without the need for a Gen. Bus. Posting Group.
    Hope this helps clarify your next steps.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software Inc
  • Yi Yong Profile Picture
    Yi Yong 255 on at
    Default General Business Posting group in Item Journal
    Whether the 'Gen. Bus. Posting Group' needs to be blank or added manually depends on your General Posting Setup and the direction of the implementation.
    Using Cronus as an example, there is a combination of blank 'Gen. Bus. Posting Group' with RETAIL Gen. Prod. Posting Group.

     So there will not be any error when posting item journals.
    There are no configurations to default the 'Gen. Bus. Posting Group' on the item journal page.

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