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Accounts transfer from old erp to Business central

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Hello everyone, this is my scenario
We have old ERP system. We have one company who we had send the invoices of 100k Euro last month in December 2021 and they have paid 80k and 20k was the balance
Now the thing is we have business central as an erp system so now the company is paying due amount 20k euro so how we can book this in business central? Cause fiscal year is changed so now we want to book this 20k in business central. How can i do that??
How we will transfer this 20k in business central??
I dont have idea of this opening and closing of fiscal year etc. if anyone can guide a little bit it would be very very helpful.
Ps: we dont want to import sales invoice in the system and post them, i know but we want more of the accounting approach.
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    RE: Accounts transfer from old erp to Business central

    Think I follow. I’ll take a stab at answering with this idea. Allow post to the sub ledger and not the G/L. This means you can account for the remaining invoice value due and deposit payment normally when able to.

    Alter the customer posting group - “Receivables Account” to use a nominal for irregular/correction postings. Post an invoice to the customer and balance to the same account. You will then net off the posting on the g/l but have the required data on the customer ledger entry. There will be no need to redo a year end routine as the net affect is 0. Would mean opening up a closed period if you want the original posting date of the invoice

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