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Call Center out of balance

Posted on by 37

We want to do the following scenario:

Create a call center order (total to be paid = 1000€)

Accept a cash payment of 300€, the rest will be paid later at delivery of the items.

I put the call center parameter 'allow out of balance' = yes

filled in some percentages (already tried with 0, 100 and some number inbetween).

I was expecting that by submitting the 300 payment, he would put the 700 on the out of balance review screen. But the only message I constantly get is


Can anyone help in how to setup correctly the out of balance feature?

I can't imagine I have to put the over/under payment parameter from AR to a hug number to cover all possible amounts.

  • Laura.v.r Profile Picture
    Laura.v.r 37 on at
    RE: Call Center out of balance

    Yes I know, but we thought to avoid this by using the out of balance functionality.

    As we have a process where we want the 300 to be put on payment method 'bank transfer' which is a customer type payment method and you cannot put 2 payment methods of type 'customer' on an order

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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Call Center out of balance

    Hi Laura,

    if you pay 300 in Cash, the rest of amount should be added as payment with 'Pay on customer account' payment method.

    Then the amount between sales order and payment will be balanced.

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