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Assembly Items

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Hey everybody, I have four to five items that I would like to sell as a kit. Is it possible to manage this through Assembly orders? 
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    Jun Wang 3,508 Super User on at
    Assembly Items
    on top of the responses, you need to consider the set up of the location where the components are drawn from as well. e.g. For locations without bins, specific handling, the components could be automatically consumed when a sales order is shipped if the finished item is assemble to order. But if the location requires picking, some extra steps are required to pick the components for kitting.
    all in all, kitting is a simple way of manufacturing and your request is definitely doable.
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    Ben Baxter Profile Picture
    Ben Baxter 3,943 Super User on at
    Assembly Items
    Yes, Assembly Management is basically kitting.  You create the "Finished Good" kit, then use the Assembly BOM to define what products are included.  You can use "Assemble-to-Order" to build the kit at time of shipping, or use "Assemble-to-Stock" to build the kit ahead of time (allowing you to keep stock of the assembled kit).  Simply click on "Assembly BOM" = No to start defining your kit.
    You can also build labor time into the Assembly BOM using a Resource line, but it is mainly for costing purposes.
    I would recommend you start testing this in a Sandbox environment before setting it up in your Production environment.  If you use "Assemble-to-Stock" policy, you can utilize the Planning Worksheet to make suggestions as to when to assemble more for inventory.
    Here is the Microsoft Learning Path on Assembly Management: Assemble items in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Training | Microsoft Learn
    P.S. If this helped resolve your question, please mark it as a Verified Answer to help other forum Users find the information.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software Inc
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    tanya07 1,523 on at
    Assembly Items
    Yes , you can use Assembly Orders for the same.

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