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Outbound email via Sales Templates vs. Marketing

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We're a small NFP currently using D365 CE, including a Sales license.  We're currently sending out regular newsletters via Sales Templates.  We're also starting to get clobbered by rising storage costs as the record of the email going to our base is stored against each contact.  Is there any benefit for us (from a cost perspective) in including a Marketing license?  i.e. are "Marketing" emails stored any differently, or would we still be facing the same issue with rising storage costs?



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    RE: Outbound email via Sales Templates vs. Marketing

    Hi Steve, thanks for your response.  My question really goes to the (Dataverse) storage costs though - I'm wondering whether the cost increase I'm seeing in Sales (which is I think resulting from storage of emails sent to each contact) would be different in Marketing.  I know that Marketing offers enhanced functionality, but I'm really weighing whether acquiring a marketing license would stop or slow the increase in (storage) cost I'm seeing as we accumulate (and store) more outbound emails.



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    RE: Outbound email via Sales Templates vs. Marketing

    Hi Steve Wigney,

    Yes, the cost of sending email in Marketing is different.

    For example, if you purchase the license including the 10,000 contacts, you could send 100,000 emails to them.

    Please refer to the Marketing Pricing:

    Marketing Pricing | Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Here is a thread about this:

    Costs of sending email from Dynamics 365 for Marketing - Dynamics 365 Marketing Forum Community Forum

    If you want to get more details about this, you would better call to the Marketing Sales.

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