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RMA Process - Post Disposition codes later in the proces

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Hello all,

Hopefully someone can help me with an issue in Dynamics.
The issue is as follows. We want to start using the RMA module in D365. 
The process will be as below:
  • Create RMA in D365;
  • Wait for the goods to arrive at the warehouse. 
  • Use "Arrival overview" to start the posting of the goods.
  • Arrival journal gets created and can be posted. 
This is where we get stuck. The arrival journal is to early. The people in the warehouse are not the people who will actually inspect the goods. 
For me, I want to post the goods to some sort of "staging" location. Afterwards, when the quality department has inspected the goods and has determined what to do with it, they should assign a disposition code.
Currently, D365 is making me select a disposition code when posting the arrival journal.
Question: is there a way to delay the posting of the disposition code? I know this can be done with Quarantine orders aswell, but we are using AWMS and if that's enabled you can't use Quarantine orders anymore.
EDIT: or perhaps it's possible to change the disposition code after posting the item arrival journal? Could be a workaround. 
Thanks for helping me out!
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    RMA Process - Post Disposition codes later in the proces


    A new feature called "Blind return orders" using  AWMS has been introduced in 10.0.39 version. Please find a summary below and let me know if this suffices your requirement:


    What is Blind return process?

    --> A scenario where there is no availability of return details while taking return. Here warehouse workers can use mobile app to take return of shipment. They would need basic information such as customer account from which return is coming, item number, quantity, license plate ID and disposition code.

    Again this is contradicting with your scenario of entering a disposition code early, but you can try to enter a Arrival in system and once your goods are inspected, make a change in the disposition code of your need for the journal and then make the posting. You can try to use inventory blocking of these goods upon Arrival overview creation until an approved disposition code is assigned. Need to validate this first.


    You can read more on "Blind return process" from below link:

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    RMA Process - Post Disposition codes later in the proces
    Since your are using advance warehousing, this new functionality is what you are looking for.
    Blind return process
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    RMA Process - Post Disposition codes later in the proces
    I tend to create one disposition code for Credit only, and set all the others to Credit.
    Most things I want to happen to the item I can do after it has been received in to stock.
    Putting it back in to stock? - use a Movement by template to put it away.
    Returning it to the vendor? - move it to a special location, and pick it on a Return purchase order.
    Scrapping it? - move it to a special location and adjust it out of stock using a Movement journal.
    Returning it to the customer - create a new Sales order and ship it back to them.
    The only tricky one might be Replace. I can't remember if you can manually create a replacement order linked to the return order.
    And for some of those, you might want to use a different Inventory status, so that the items can't be sold or seen by Master Planning whilst they are waiting to be Returned to vendor / Scrapped.

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