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Expanded Text Fields

Posted on by 420

Hi Folks,

Brand new to the forums, but I could use some assistance. I'd like to create new fields in the Contract module that would allow for lengthy text fields (say updwards and in excess of 1,000 characters in some cases).

The only solution I'm finding thus far is stringing together long notes fields becuase the avaiable fields are listed as "250" characters.

Wondering if there is a solution to creating fields, or expanding available text feilds allowable length, that anyone knows about or could point me in the right direction towards?

Many thanks,


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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Expanded Text Fields

    After creating the user table, please refer the below link to form the DH files easily...

    Hope this may helps you


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    JustinOP 420 on at
    RE: Expanded Text Fields

    Thanks, Carolyn!

    I’m going to take a look at this manual and see about setting up the custom fields / table. If I’m able to put together a quick guide on what I did I’ll post it back here (wasn’t able to find anything quickly on the forum search).

    Thanks again for all your help.



  • RE: Expanded Text Fields

    Hi Justin,

    There is some help in creating new tables for Dynamics SL in the SoftwareDevelopmentKit.pdf located in the User Guides folder of your SL install folder.  This topic begins on page 35 of that manual.  The user guides are also available in CustomerSource under Documentation.  Let me know if you find the user guide.

  • JustinOP Profile Picture
    JustinOP 420 on at
    RE: Expanded Text Fields

    Hi Carolyn - thank you very much for responding back to my post, I truly appreciate it.

    The SNOTES seems to have a cap of 750 text per column, with 3 columns available, so it likely won't fit my needs.

    Regarding the data table, that might be just the ticket. Was there a quick guide/link you might know of or a trick to creating a fairly simple table in SL?

    Many thanks,


  • RE: Expanded Text Fields

    Hi Justinop,

    You cannot change the length of existing fields.

    You may have some luck creating your own table to store the data.   Might be able to get up to 3000 char that way.  

    Perhaps you could also use the SNOTES functionality to store long notes.

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