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Sales Analysis Views in Excel

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Hi all,
I saw this video and was inspired to attempt this with our BC.
I have setup the sales analysis by compressing the date by month, starting on 01 Jan last year.
I can view the matrix by date range over the entire previous year and by listing quantity by period and viewing per month.  The view in BC is as expected.
But, when I export to Excel I have columns for day, week, month, quarter, and year.  I had assumed by compressing dates by month, and viewing by month, that would be how the excel data would display.
My problem is that I have some items with more than one entry per month.  In the video above, The gentleman uses the exported data to import back into BC as a forecast for next year.  There is a break in his video where he likely reworks the data to have 12 rows per item, which is not shown.
Is it possible to export this sales analysis in a monthly view, that is not more than 12 rows per item?  As you can see the exported excel file below, item 20002 has 15 rows.  I'm in Europe and the dates are day.month.year
Thanks for your thoughts!