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Table PM10201

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Am I right in my assessment of what table PM10201 is used for.

As far as my testing tells, if there is a computer cheque batch in work in the system, then the apply records are held in PM10201.  Manual check batches do not use this table.

So, if there are no computer cheque batches in the system that are unposted, PM10201 should be empty?

Have I missed anything?



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    RE: Table PM10201

    Just saw your post and thought this would be of interest. 

    I've just run across an issue after importing thousands of documents for an implementation.  Once imported, I used a macro to auto apply since my client had no way of matching from the prior system.  Now they are live and processing checks and all historical documents are printing despite the fact that the 'Print previously applied documents' box is not checked.  After much testing and review of tables PM10000, PM10200, PM10201, PM20000, PM20100 and PM30300 it appears that it relates to only PM10201.  All documents are in the table and some have the PrtOnStb field as yes(1), while others are no.  All documents have the field 'Selected to Print' as yes (1).  My next test will be to set PrtOnStb field to No (0) and if that doesn't work  will set 'Selected to Print' as no(0) as well.  I don't know what else to try at this point.  I'll add that they have printed, voided and reprinted some checks and all history continues to print.

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    RE: Table PM10201

    Just in case anyone would like to add a vote for the change, here is a link to the Microsoft Connect post:

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    Heather Roggeveen 9,142 on at
    RE: Table PM10201

    An update on this - I am assuming no one else knew the answer to this.  PM10201 - Payment Apply to Work File is used for the Reprint Remittance function in GP.

    So, despite the fact that this is a WORK table, if you mark a vendor / creditor to Maintain History, the records stay in this table to enable the reprint remittance.

    Not sure who at Microsoft came up with that gem!  Work should be work and history maintained in history tables, but alas, logical thinking went out the window on that one!

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