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How to remove preassigned Document/Check Numbers during a check run in Business Central?

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Is there a way to assign the Document No. or Check No. at the end of a check run (just right before printing the checks), and not in the beginning of a check run in Business Central?

Here is what I do now...when I prepare a check run in Payment Journals via "Suggest Vendor Payments", the system asks for a "Starting Document No." to be entered, so I entered the first check number that I will be using, otherwise, it won't allow me to generate the payment journal report. But after the suggested payment journal report is produced, I usually delete or add some vendors from or to the payment journal list. This causes the chronological order of Document No. to break up, so I reenter the Document Numbers manually from the start to the end of the payment run list. Sometimes, I print over hundred checks a time, and this is quite time consuming, so is there a better way to do check run without having to worry about the preassigned check numbers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!