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default bank account for vendor

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Is it possible to define a default bank account for a vendor to be used when printing checks?

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    JAngle 33,137 on at
    RE: default bank account for vendor

    An account per vendor isn't a feature. As a result users break up payment runs with a few methods.

    1. By payment method. Add it as a filter for the vendor section of the suggest vendor payments.

    2. Priority. Another filter you can have.

    3. As Dirk said. A journal batch per bank account. You would then need something on the vendor to split them up as a filter. You could use "Vendor Posting Group" if you don't have any other grouping logic right now.

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    Dirk Profile Picture
    Dirk on at
    RE: default bank account for vendor

    For each journal you can specify a default balance account of type G/L Account or Bank Account

    If you want to use one of the companies bank account for all vendor checks you can use the Bal. Account Type (Bank) and Bal. Account No. field for the Payment Journal batch name.

  • julietconstant Profile Picture
    julietconstant 120 on at
    RE: default bank account for vendor

    Thanks for the response. I'm referring to the actual bank account that is used when generating checks.  It looks like the preferred bank account is used for electronic payments and does not link to the actual bank account. I have several bank accounts setup and would like to assign them to vendors so they default in the payment journal.

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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,137 on at
    RE: default bank account for vendor

    "Preferred Vendor Bank Account" field on the vendor card needs populating. When the "Suggested Vendor Payments" routine is used it will default in that selection.

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