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Job Invoicing from Costs

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Posted on by 101
If a purchase order is raised in a different currency to the job in one month, and this order is to be invoiced out to the customer
Then that is invoiced in a different period, thereby the exchange rate has changed.
If you then goto the job, you will find the cost amount is based upon the exchange rate when the invoice was posted, but the price has stayed based upon the original exchange rate when the order was created.
Has anyone else come across this? and if so, is there a way to avoid it? without dev.
Many thanks
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    RE: Job Invoicing from Costs


    I honestly would expect the Unit Price on the JPL to remain unchanged, even if I exposed something on the PO.  If I try to think through the business logic, I would want my Project Manager (or Salesperson) controlling the price of the Job, and would not want the purchasing department changing those values.

    If anything it brings into question how to handle Change Orders within a Job, which is either third-party functionality or a customization.



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    Andrew Cooper 101 on at
    RE: Job Invoicing from Costs

    You will find your cost and prices are different, so may be 2000 cost, and 1920 price.

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    RE: Job Invoicing from Costs


    I was testing your scenario but need more information. Please confirm the following:

    1. Create a Job to a Customer who has your Local Currency (i.e. USD)

    2. Setup a Task and Budget&Billable  planning line that is for an Item that you need to create a PO for. Set the cost and price

    3. Create a PO for the Job Item to a Vendor in another currency (i.e. EUR). Receive PO in 1 Month and Post Invoice in next Month

    4. Job Invoice Customer for the Job Item Line, LCY Currency and for the Unit Price set on the Planning Line.

    Please walk me through your example and what is resulting.



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