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Unlink Power Platform environment and Finance and Operations environment

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Hello everyone!
Background of the problem:
I had a sandbox FnO environment with installed and linked Dataverse and Power Platform environment. Everything was working fine. 
One day, I reinstalled the FnO environment and installed Power Platform environment again. However, I receives a warrning in LCS:
/Microsoft has detected that your environment is linked via Dual-write to a different Power Platform environment (ID ########-####-####-####-d0e76e48744c ) than the one specified in Power Platform Integration, which is not recommended./
The ID of my current environment is actually different: ########-####-####-####-842b6e6d8f48
So, I signed to Power Platform Admin Center and analyzed the settings of PP environments.
The old PP environment has a link to FnO:
And the nwe one does not:
So, as the next step I started a researching how to unlink the old environment and attach the new one. And find this instruction (
I signed to the FnO environment, went to Dual-write settings and didn't find th Unlink button there. It was replaced with Reset Link.
Looks like it proveds the right thing:
/Reset will clear out all dual-write configuration data like dual-write maps, integration keys, legal entity mappings for dual-write, default alert settings, activity logs, initial sync history, etc. After resetting, you will need to re-apply the required dual-write solutions using the “Apply Solution” functionality to create maps and start over the configuration from scratch. Would you like to continue?/

As a result, all Dual-wright settings were deleted, but the old environment is still linked with the FnO environment and I cannot delete it from PP admin center due to the same Error:
Has anyone encountered such a problem? Is it possible to unlink and delete the old Power Platform environment?
I would appreciate any advice.
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    Umesh Pandit 9,033 UG Leader on at
    Unlink Power Platform environment and Finance and Operations environment
    I saw this error when I deleted the Sandbox to rename it to UAT with Blank data, So I followed the links shared and it worked for unlink. Yes, we need to wait a little longer. 
  • Unlink Power Platform environment and Finance and Operations environment
    Changes took effect within a few hours. Environments relinked properly. 
    It was necessary to wait just a little longer than i could.

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