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Signature Capture and Print on Receipt

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Would like to see if anyone in the community has or knows of a solution that when in mPOS and scanning a particular item, will prompt user for verbiage and signature, and then take that signature and apply it to a place on the receipt?  We are currently customizing for this but running into a few hurdles.  We have a mixture of Surface tablets (touch screen) and traditional screens (non touch screen).  So looking at options to be able to handle both of these hardware setups.  

  • P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Signature Capture and Print on Receipt

    I think the best place to start would be item specific Info code fields.

  • Royce.Smallbone Profile Picture
    Royce.Smallbone 15 on at
    RE: Signature Capture and Print on Receipt

    Hi Ashraf,

    Can you share some code or detail of how you achieved this? We are looking at the Adyen with the Verifone M400 to capture a signature for on account payments. Any help would be appreciated.



  • RE: Signature Capture and Print on Receipt

    Hi Ashraf,

    We did discuss this with our payment connector software and they would not entertain the idea of taking it through the payment device as they would need to then drop that signature into our server so that the receipt printer could pull the image into it.

  • Ashraf Sharaf Profile Picture
    Ashraf Sharaf 50 on at
    RE: Signature Capture and Print on Receipt

    Did that in the past with a customization to capture the signature via a payment pin pad device.

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