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Invoices - Change CreatedOn Date

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I am pretty sure I know my answer to this but I am going to post anyways to see if I am missing anything.  I am running Dynamics 365 Customer Service and using the built-in Accounting platform.  I have some invoices that were created after our year-end that my accounting team is telling me they need to be dated in the previous fiscal year.  I know Microsoft locks out the CreatedOn field so that it can't be changed after the invoice is created and I know there is an OverriddenCreatedOn field available but from what I can tell, that overridden field is only available on an import of new records.  Can anyone tell me a way to either change the CreatedOn field or even populate the OverriddenCreatedOn field after an invoice is created?  I don't care how it is to do it, I just need to know what my options are.  
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    RudyZhang on at
    Invoices - Change CreatedOn Date
    As you said the Create On field is locked and cannot be modified even in the Dynamics 365 admin interface.
    Our team has found the following solution on the web, which may be similar to what you have read about.
    According to an article published in 2018 on the dynamics 365 blog, you can update the Create On field by creating a plugin to change the Create On field, or by changing the OverriddenCreatedOn field.
    The article is linked below.
    If you have a better way of doing this, please share it as it will help members of the Dynamics 365 community members and we would appreciate it!
    I hope my answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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