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production order Statistics Page calculation FIFO

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Hi All

I'm trying understand how the statistics page calculates variance as it looks like variance is based on the standard cost vs actual but we don't use standard cost so should it be expected cost vs actual cost?



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    Marco Mels on at
    RE: production order Statistics Page calculation FIFO


    The code behind this shows the following:

      local procedure CalcVariance()


           i: Integer;

           IsHandled: Boolean;


           for i := 1 to ArrayLen(VarAmt) do begin

               IsHandled := false;

               OnBeforeCalcVariance(VarAmt, VarPct, StdCost, ActCost, i, IsHandled);

               if not IsHandled then begin

                   VarAmt[i] := ActCost[i] - StdCost[i];

                   VarPct[i] := CalcIndicatorPct(StdCost[i], ActCost[i]);




    Hope it helps.

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