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Make fields mandatory to qualify lead

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Hi Experts,

I would like to make certain fields as mandatory to qualify a lead, these fields should not be mandatory to save or to disqualify the lead but only to Qualify. Example. Name and email address is enough or mandatory to save a lead but if the lead has to be qualified then address and other custom fields becomes mandatory to qualify. In case to disqualify the lead, we should be able to do it with just the name and email.

I am not sure if i can use Business rules here to trigger it before save. I dont think i cannot use workflow as well. I know i can use javascript on the qualify button to make them mandatory or use plugin. I would like to know if there is any other OOB way to achieve this logic, may be through power automate etc, please help here.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Botman 20 on at
    RE: Make fields mandatory to qualify lead

    Were you ever able to resolve your issue?

    It seems that the Business Process Next Stage button runs the business logic and stops the user from progressing if the required fields are not filled in. It works as expected.

    The issue I find is the Qualify button does not seem to trigger the same business logic and allows the Lead to be qualified and moved to the Next Step even if required fields are not filled in.

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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: Make fields mandatory to qualify lead


    Since there is no "Qualify" in your BPF, you need to edit the OOTB BPF "Lead to Opportunity Sales Process".

    Or you have to add a "Qualify" stage as what the "Lead to Opportunity Sales Process" BPF does.

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    Davyjones 1,299 on at
    RE: Make fields mandatory to qualify lead

    Hi Nya,

    Thanks for your response, i tried your solutions and for me i am able to qualify the lead even without completing all the stages in BPF.

    I created a new BPF called Lead Qualify, it has two stage Create and Qualify. The create has few fields mandated and the Qualify Stage has few more fields mandated. With the BPF in the Create stage and with just the few fields filled in, I am able to qualify the lead. Please let me know if I am missing anything. You can notice in the screenshot that without filling the fields in the second stage the lead is qualified. I did not open an existing lead but this was a new lead created.





    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: Make fields mandatory to qualify lead


    You can achieve it with BFP.

    Each stage contains a group of steps. Each step represents a field where data can be entered. People advance to the next stage by using the Next Stage button. You can make a step required so that people must enter data for the corresponding field before they can proceed to the next stage. This is commonly called ”stage-gating”.

    For example, I set the "Capture Summary"(Description) field in BPF - "Lead to Opportunity Sales Process" as required.



    After validate the BPF, if you click the Qualify button without filling the field, an error message will pop up.


    You can add the fields you need (address and other custom fields) into the Stage 1 of the BPF.

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