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Extremely slow system

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I have just joined a company where they have gone from SAP to NAV. The new system is extremely slow so it takes up to 30 minutes to make one Purchase Order in the system. When approving a PO it takes up to one minute between every click. As you can imagine this is a nightmare and my whole organization is ready to throw the system in the bin. I do believe there is something wrong, either with our software or our hardware and set up with our servers. But the people responsible for purchasing the system just tells me because there are so many users. We are a total of 130 people in the company and I estimate that approx half are using NAV frequently. 

I have watched tutorials on YouTube where there is no delay when clicking the different menus. 

My questions are:

Should we just accept that the system should be this slow?

Is there is an easy way to analyse our set up to see what the problem is?

Thanks / Jonas

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Extremely slow system


    Contact your Dynamics NAV partner for assistance is the only possible correct suggestion. They may want to raise an issue to Microsoft Support There are some good ways to analyze root causes of performance so it can be addressed.


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    Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,188 Super User on at
    RE: Extremely slow system

    Hi Jonas,

    Even I am from D365 FO, but with having only 130 users will have issue, this is not correct justification.

    I strongly suggest you to raise a support ticket to product team, they shall assist with you.

    We have seen this kind of issue and Microsoft engineering team helped us to make system faster,

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