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Can we print report to PDF with certain paper size ?

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Posted on by 898
Hi guys,
When we print custom report, which supposedly some kind of pre-printed form, things like invoice journal print or cheque printing, can we print to PDF first but to have it printed with custom paper size ? or this paper should already defined in SSRS report designer ?
Since currently our plan is to view it (print) to screen first, then I found, when later press /Export/ ? to PDF, there is no longer paper selection.
What best to handle pre-printed form with the current D365 FO ?
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Can we print report to PDF with certain paper size ?
    There is no such standard function, I think you can achieve your needs through custom development. You can create a custom paper size, determine the exact dimensions of your preprinted form, and create a new custom paper size that matches the dimensions of your form. Design your report layout to fit the custom paper size, ensuring content matches your Preprinted forms are properly aligned.
  • Community member Profile Picture
    Community member 898 on at
    Can we print report to PDF with certain paper size ?
    Can elaborate to more detail on this ? I mean like how and where the best way to do it ? is it by create custom paper size (for example the pre-printed having unique size) ? should the report also develop with that same paper size ? or the paper size should be created first then we develop the report by select the "new" paper size during design ?
    We're using D365 FO cloud version, btw. And currently it is version 10.0.38.
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    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi Profile Picture
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi 3,575 UG Leader on at
    Can we print report to PDF with certain paper size ?
    I think it's possible with customization and developing.
    Best regards,
    Mohamed Amine MAHMOUDI

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