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Budget on a Begin-Total account-Acc Schedule reporting

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Good day Folks

I'm wondering if someone has been successful with this scenario below please.

My client budgets on the Begin-Total GL accounts per quarter .   The budget can be exported to Excel and behaves the same as if the budget was on a Posting account.   However, the challenge comes in when using the Account Schedule for the Actual vs Budget comparison.   I've tried various combinations to extract the budget per quarter but, no matter what restrictions I put in place, the system is returning the full year budget even though the budget was entered with 4 different dates (being the quarters).

 I'm wondeirng if it has something to do with the fact that the budget is entered on the Begin-Total GL accounts and if this functionality is even possible in BC.

In my account schedule I define the rows as Posting Accounts


My column definition is using the Period Formula of FY[1..3] and FY[4..6], etc



When using the Account Schedule Overview, I have experimented with the date range of the full finanical year or just the 2 quarters or even just the 1st quarter, but stil the full budget for the year is being returned in all the budget columns.   I choose to view by Quarter.

If anyone has any knowledge about this scenario above being possible in BC I would be most grateful for you rinput.

Thank you

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    Thank you for sharing your finding for this issue so that others may benefit!

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    RE: Budget on a Begin-Total account-Acc Schedule reporting

    Good day All

    I have resolved this.   In case someone else comes across this issue, her is the solution.

    I discovered that the client had not created the Accounting Periods necessary for the Account Schedule to calculate correctly.    They had captured the new year budget, but had not set up the Accounting Periods.

    Hope that helps someone else.


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