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testing BC virtual tables with power pages: synthetic relation issue

Posted on by 194
I'm testing a power pages site to display BC data on it.
So I follow this article
it's working... until I add a security layer through synthetic relations.
the article mention that I have to create a key in my source table in dataverse, like in the contact table.
and if I have multiple employees in the same company, my key can have the BC Customer columns + another one like the email or phone number (because a key in dataverse is a unique index so no duplicate authorized)
so I setup my key like that: BC Customer + email1
which should allow me to have more than 1 contact per company.
after that, I can't setup my synthetic relation because the system wants to match my 2 columns from my key index in the contact table to 2 columns in the virtual table.
but only 1 column can be matched (the bc customer one) 
the email1 column has no match to the sales order table, and should not be used
so I can't create my synthetic relation in this case, while the documentation say it's should be possible.
and another problem:
apparently the security is not working on child rows, so I apply the security to my sales orders table, and after I want to display the sales order lines in my forms, a classic parent / child requirement.
I setup my child permission in power pages correctly, the sales order header I can see it, but the child rows (the sales lines) are not displayed (/internal server error/)
the documentation did not mention all of these limitations.
any idea or deeper guides to setup this properly?
  • Neil Phelan Profile Picture
    Neil Phelan 147 on at
    testing BC virtual tables with power pages: synthetic relation issue
    Did you manage to solve this issue as I am getting the same error?
    Thanks Neil.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 64,449 Super User on at
    testing BC virtual tables with power pages: synthetic relation issue
    Hi, because this feature is still in the Preview stage, there are not many partners currently using this feature. I personally recommend that you submit your questions to the BC Yammer Group. The person in charge of Microsoft will see and solve your questions.
 Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Community (Formerly: Development)
    More details: About Business Central partner community on Viva Engage (formerly Yammer)
    Hope this helps.
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 5,251 Super User on at

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