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Very slow Loading

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CRM V9 (On Premises) , SQL 2019, Windows Server 2022 

I have just created two Win 2022 VMs ( each with 5 Virtual Processors, 20gb Mem  500gb Disc) 

VM1 has CRM V9 and VM2 SQL2019

When trying to access CRM, its so painfully slow, everything from logging on to loading a view ( i.e. contacts ), and I have no idea why. CRM is updated to Version and SQL has all the latest updates. I have not made any changes to CRM yet or loaded any data.

Can anybody make any suggestions as where to look ?

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    PhilipK 582 on at
    RE: Very slow Loading

    Hi Pete.
    As far as I'm aware V9.1.x(on-premise) isn't officially supported running on Windows Server 2022 which could have a play here even thou it may seem unlikely.
    However, how are the VM's hosted, ESXi, Hyper-V or like for testing in local client e.g VMWare Workstation?
    If you are running it via Workstation such, where are you running the AD/DNS?

    The dedicated hw resources you have given should be plenty enough for a testing environment.
    To give you an  reference, I run D365 v9.1 a 3xVM Workstation setup consisting of 1 ADDS/DNS(4vCPU, 2GB RAM), 1 SQL 20194vCPU, 7GB RAM), and Dynamics(4vCPU, 8GB RAM) on my old laptop(Lenovo P51, Tot: 32Gb RAM) it is really quick for testing/dev purpose, espicially when running UCI.

    Of course when there is an update to .net Framework the pages needs to cache the first time you hit them but then we are talking like 1 sec to fully load an Account, Contact such in UCI.

    So it shouldn't be any problems and that's why we need to know more of how your VM's are running in the Windows domain/network.

    Best regards. Philip

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