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How to use/update Price fields on Products?

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We've got a custom entity that needs to do calculations on product pricing.  We've looked up the relevant product through a relationship with the product entity and now want to undertake calculations on the price of that product.

In the Product details, there are List price, Standard Cost along with a number of vendor fields all locked on the product form.

I am assuming that these are populated in some way from a price list or other mechanism, but can't get anything to work.  The reason I am assuming this is because all the fields are locked, so guess that they are not designed to be updated manually from the product.

All I want to do is populate the list price of the product from the default price list into the List Price field.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance...

  • Nettsales Profile Picture
    Nettsales 102 on at
    RE: How to use/update Price fields on Products?

    Thanks David, I'm going to have to take another look at those fields and see why they are locked.  There has been no customisation of this system that I know of as it's a new instance that we are just starting to set up!

  • David Jennaway Profile Picture
    David Jennaway 14,061 on at
    RE: How to use/update Price fields on Products?

    The 'List price' field on the product is editable, though it may be that the product form has been customised in your instance to make this field read-only but if you have the System Customizer or System Administrator role then you can change the form.

    Note that CRM has 2 distinct concepts of 'locking' a field on a form.

    1. When using the form, a grey padlock indicated the field is read-only.

    2. When customising the form, a red padlock indicates that a field is required by the form, and cannot be removed; this is not necessarily the same as indicating that a field needs a value (indicated by a red asterisk). The 'List price' field is a bit odd, as it is not on the default product form, but if you add it to the form it is flagged with the red padlock and cannot be removed

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