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Multiple managers to rate an employee performance review

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Is there a way to configure the system that allows for multiple managers to rate an employee performance review? 


For example, an employee can report to 2 different managers at the same time and each manager would be required to rate each KPIs of an employee. The primary managers rating would be given a higher weighting than the secondary manager, but both would be calculated as part of the final score.

  • Mphazima_ka_Langa Profile Picture
    Mphazima_ka_Langa 130 on at
    RE: Multiple managers to rate an employee performance review

    Hi Dreambig,

    Could you please clarify something for me in terms of the rating deal, whereby on my side the final employee rating I have to select instead of autofill () and I believe it should work along with the total score and average score? How did you create yours? Did you use workflow, if so which workflow type?

  • Dreambig Profile Picture
    Dreambig on at
    RE: Multiple managers to rate an employee performance review

    Thanks C.Shenk for the feedback

    I do not have any issue regarding multiple sign off. I already configured the workflow process for both employee and manger.

    In review, we can only see manager rating & manager score as well as employee rating & employee score. There is no other section for the second manager rating or score. Please refer to the screenshot below. My question is how the second manager could add their manager rating and score. Thanks 


  • C. Shenk Profile Picture
    C. Shenk on at
    RE: Multiple managers to rate an employee performance review

    Hello Dreambig, 

    Thank you for the question - it may be possible depending on the setup, but might require some testing depending on what you're looking for. You can require more than one person to be required to 'Sign Off' on the Sign Off tab, which by default pulls in the worker and who they directly report to on the worker record - and if you are looking for more than one person that the worker reports to, that may require a different approach. 

    Would this worker be having two different positions assigned to them at one time - then hence have two different managers, or two different managers for the same position in your scenario?

    For reference, using this as a basis for where to start, at the very least: 

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