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AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

We are testing the SL2015 in our test environment and encountered a very strange issue. When we try to print AP Checks, we received the message 10232 -

Assertion failure!

File : sqlodbc.cpp

Line: 10248

Expression: tmpdeconn !=SQL_NULL_HDBC

This problem only occurred at client machines (at least 2 machines so far), I can't reproduced the same error on the server. In addition, we get the same error when we try to view selections prior printing checks.

Thanks in advance.

Wenchi Wang

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    Laura Profile Picture
    Laura 450 on at
    RE: AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

    This resolution worked perfectly for an SL 2015 CU2 workstation that was getting System Message 10232 Assertion failure! File:sqlodbc.cpp Line: 10248  Expression: tmpdbconn !=SQL_NULL_HDBC

    Changed preprocess from GRRSW00 to 0362010 and printed without error - client was not using Project

  • RE: AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

    For us, we were able to get it work by changing the preprocess in report control maintenance for 03620. They added a new check format that prints project information and in order to support this, they replaced the old preprocess with one that does the project related work, THEN calls the old preprocess (0362010). Since they don’t use project here, we can just bypass the new preprocess and go directly to 0362010 by reconfiguring the report control maintenance record, which seems to be working so far.

  • RE: AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

    We are having the same issue. Windows firewall is off. Multiple cores. Can print on app server but not on terminal server or clients.

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

    I have run into the 10232 error on workstations when the server has the Windows firewall enabled and it has not created an exception to allow sqlserver requests through.  However, if you had this issue then I would think that not much of anything would be working.  However, just through this out in case.

  • pstgeorge Profile Picture
    pstgeorge 30 on at
    RE: AP Check printing sys msg 10232 SL2015

    By any chance did you get to the bottom of this?  I cannot find much on the matter... :)

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