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Location for put away work: consolidate "by criteria"

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Hello together,

following scenario:

We produce article A001 on two different machines. The outcome is always article A001 - still the quality differs a little bit between these two machines.
Therefore, we would basically like to fill one location only with the material produced from one machine.

We have an own batch order for each of the machines, which means these two machines also produce two different batches.
We continuously report as finished for both batch orders and create in this step the put away work.

Currently, we use the "consolidate" strategy on the location directives to determine the put location.
But with this setup, D365 just fills one location after another, doesn't matter if the product is reported as finished from machine 1 or 2.

I'm aware of the possibility to set up the locations without allowing mixed batches.
Still, that's not really what we want to have. We only want to differentiate between the "production machine". It's not a problem to have three different batches on one location - if they are produced with the same machine.

Also, the option of fixed locations for each machine is not new to me - but in view of a good warehouse utilization it's also not really a solution.

I also played a little bit with the "Number of days to mix batches" - but again couldn't find an appropriate setup.

Does anybody have an idea how this could be achieved without customization?

Thanks for your input,
Best Regards

  • Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,058 Super User on at
    RE: Location for put away work: consolidate "by criteria"

    Hi Jonas,

    I can't think of any solution that would be out of the box.  Your requirement is to allow consolidation for items that are produced by the same machine but not mix output from different machines.  Something that is just above the batch.  Different batches from the same machine could be stored together (no matter the item #), but cannot mix same items if they were produced by different machines.


  • kojo01 Profile Picture
    kojo01 15 on at
    RE: Location for put away work: consolidate "by criteria"

    Hi Danny, 

    yes basically that would work - that's exactly what I meant with the option of fixed locations (zones, .. ) for each machine. Bad formulation from my side as the term fixed location is used for other things in D365 - sorry!
    Also I have done exactly as you did in your screenshot and created a filter by the production pool in the location directives.

    Zone1 would than only be filled by machine1, zone2 by machine2. 

    But if zone1 is full, the put away work for machine1 wouldn't find a put location anymore - even there is plenty of space in zone2.
    I know, I could create a second location directive that is used after the first one, which allows to also put from machine1 into zone2 - but than the mixing problem starts again. 

    As a first improvement it would already be great, if we could consolidate by batch number.
    I know this is possible by setting the location profile to not allow mixed inventory batches. But than it's a "hard rule" for the system - I would like to have it only as a suggestion which can be overruled by the workers, as there are plausible cases where this makes sense.

    Thanks for your ideas
    BR Jonas

  • Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,058 Super User on at
    RE: Location for put away work: consolidate "by criteria"

    Hi Jonas, 

    Not sure if that would work but what I envision is 2 separate location directives for Finished Goods Putaway to have a condition looking at specific field on the Production Order that differentiate an item manufactured on Machine 1 from the same item manufactured on Machine 2.   

    The query on the Loc Dir header would look something like this:


    And the Location Directive Action would still use the strategy to consolidate but you would restrain the locations where that consolidation would take place.  For example Location Profile Machine 1 (or zone, zone1, zone 2m, zone 3) for locations where the output from machine 1 would be consolidated or stored. 

    I understand that this does not help in optimizing your space utilisation but you are not resticting the use of these locations, you are simply having the system consolidate in sub-sets of all the possible locations.  The same locations could be used as storage for the output of other machines. ..  

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