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Changing a Posting Group on a Document

Posted on by 265

I have a customer who has the following:

Credit with product return

Credit with no product return

Credit with no product return to hit a different return GL account

Here  is my issue - for all 3 of these types of transactions, they send a document that show the item number, description, quantity, price, etc. - just like a sales order confirmation or invoice. 

Credit with product return - use a return order - no problem

Credit with no product return - will use credit memo but use resource instead of item - no problem

Credit with no product return to hit a different return GL account - thinking to use resource like the one above so that the 'item' information can be printed (i.e. why I am not doing lines that are G/L - I need to print 'item' information).

But how am I going to hit a different GL account? 

For instance, on the second type, I will hit a customer credit account - say 40100

For the 3rd one, they classify it as a rebate and would hit a different account like 50100.

Any ideas? Am I missing a way to override this at a document level - I don't think I am but wanted to be sure> I would prefer to do something without customizing. 

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    Dirk Profile Picture
    Dirk on at
    RE: Changing a Posting Group on a Document


    Are we talking about the "Receivables" account that should be different or the Profit/Loss /Revenue account?

    If this is about different "Receivables" accounts:
    I think it is not a good idea to change the "Customer Posting Group" on a document in order to get a certain transactions registered against a different receivables account.
    In this case .. how would one register the payment/refund and keep the transactions separated by the different receivables accounts?  
    INstead of changing the Customer Posting Group" on a document I would rather use a second customer account with a different receivables G/L account.

    If this is about different Profit/Loss /Revenue accounts:
    If the customer has General Business Posting Group = DOMESTIC and your resource comes with the default General Product Posting Group - FG and that results in G/L account 44100, then I think you should add a new combination in the General Posting Setup (like General Business Posting Group = DOMESTIC and General Product Posting Group - FG_2) and use G/L account 55100 as Sales Credit Memo account in this extra combination.
    In the document in question where you selected the resource you would then have to change the defaulted General Product Posting Group = FG into the new value FG_2 and this would result in G/L account 55100 being used.

    Hope this helps

  • LB_Pgh Profile Picture
    LB_Pgh 265 on at
    RE: Changing a Posting Group on a Document


    Thank you as always for your help.

    Here is my issue. 

    Let's say I have a resource - 1234 - with General product posting group - FG

    I have a customer with a customer posting group of Domestic and a General Posting Group of Domestic

    Now, I do a credit memo using resource (no item returned) and by the matrix of FG and Domestic, I am hitting a Sales Credit Memo account of 44100 - Customer Credits

    Now, I want to use the same customer, same resource but do a different 'type' of credit - they call it a rebate. Instead of hitting 44100, it should hit 55100.

    But I still have the same matrix of FG and Domestic, so it would hit 44100. I would need something like FG and Rebate.

    Is there are way on the Credit Memo to change the General Posting Group from Domestic to Rebate in order to get that to happen.

    Thanks !

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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,135 on at
    RE: Changing a Posting Group on a Document

    Resource is a valid choice in this case. It will have to use the general posting setup to figure out the correct account. On the resource add a general product posting group which maps in the general posting setup to the correct account. Note that you should do this in combo with general business posting groups - doesn’t sound like a blank general business posting group is needed.

    Good explanation on posting groups here:

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