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Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to the industry but so far I'm having an incredible time getting to know the software and the community at large. I'm primarily tasked with data migration and I've run into an issue that's been bugging me for a while. 

When importing everything needed for the Retail Product Hierarchy, I have yet to find the entity responsible for importing all of the details of the hierarchy itself (specifically attribute groups but also things like product properties etc.). At first I believed I could add the attribute groups using 'Product category category attribute group assignments' and 'Product category product attribute group assignments' but neither of these seems to do the trick. 

If any of you could point me in the right direction that would be immensely appreciated! Also if anyone has any questions or requires more detail on my situation I'd be happy to reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Oksana Kovaliova Profile Picture
    Oksana Kovaliova 3,586 on at
    RE: Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details

    Hi Beny, sorry for delay in reply - have you found a solution for your problem already?

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details

    Hi Oksana!

    To answer your question, yes, I imported all of the attributes, attribute types, and attribute groups before trying to add the properties to the retail product hierarchy.

    I'm not exactly sure why the entities I mentioned aren't working. They all import correctly without errors yet the retail product hierarchy remains empty in terms of the properties I'm trying to import. For example, items will attach to the hierarchy but the hierarchy properties are blank. Because of this, the products that attach to the hierarchy do not inherit the attributes from the hierarchy because the attributes themselves are not populating.

    Very stressful but if you have any tips I'd love to hear them! Thanks.


  • Oksana Kovaliova Profile Picture
    Oksana Kovaliova 3,586 on at
    RE: Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details


    Nice to hear you have fun learning the system :)

    I checked entities you mentioned - they should work fine. What did not work for you?

    Also a question: did you import attribute categories and attributes before working with category hierarchy?

  • Anshulkte Profile Picture
    Anshulkte 35 on at
    RE: Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details

    Configuring products and price lists in Dynamics 365 is complicated and time-consuming. I wanted to create a process to quickly migrate this data from one environment to the next. I had about 100 products, 40 product bundles, and 25 price lists to migrate into a production environment. I did not have any product hierarchies, notes, sales literature, competitors, or discounts so I thought this would be an easy migration. I first attempted to use the Configuration Migration Tool provided by Microsoft, but I quickly discovered that transferring product bundles isn’t supported.

    I attempted to import the records myself using the Import Wizard in Dynamics. The key to my approach required a Logic App in Azure (or a Flow in Power Automate) to export the Product Association data that links the product to the product bundle. I had to make some changes once I imported the data to set the default price list and update the statuses of the products, but I avoided fully recreating the products manually, which would have taken me much longer.

    First, export data for the following entities from the source Dynamics environment:


    Unit Group

    Price List

    Product (exclude the product bundle products)

    Product Bundles (only the product bundle products)

    Price List Item

    When I exported the data, I created a view for each entity that contained all of the fields (columns) available for that entity. If necessary, write conditions for the view to limit the records desired. For example, for products, I had two views. One view of only the products and one view of only the product bundles. Export each entity’s data to an Excel spreadsheet and then convert each file to CSV format.

    Hope this help! Vlog- WikiRush

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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Data Migration Entity for the Retail Product Hierarchy Details


    Please create a service request to Microsoft support if you need any further assistance for this question. We would need to investigate deeper to be able to advise how to proceed with that further.

    Thank you!

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