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Distribution schedules

Posted on by 744

Dear All,

I want clarification about the channel database group in the distribution schedule.

In my case i have three legal entities like 11,12,22. I created three different channel database group one for each legal entity say 11-DBG,12-DBG,22-DBG.  this window is the shared form, common setting for all legal entities. when i ran the job say 1040 product, what happened in job log, job said it was executed against company say 22, but also display ran against 11-DBG,12-DBG  database group but that groups point to stores created in other legal entities say 11,12. This means  job  executed for legal entities 11, and 12 too, but job ran in legal entity 22 as shown in 2nd image.



Please clarify me this.

  • P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Distribution schedules

    Because it is Global I don't think you can; but log a support ticket with MS and check with them.

  • Afazal Profile Picture
    Afazal 744 on at
    RE: Distribution schedules

    But what happened, if its is global shared forms, so when i want to  update products  in company 11 and run job 1040, then it will also run for other companies  12, 22 etc and all stores within that companies. is it true?.

    if it is true then how can i configure channel database group to apple job recurrence timing different from other companies.

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    P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Distribution schedules

    I don't think the Channel Database and therefore the Channel Database groups can be used in this way. You should only have one Channel Database and one corresponding CDG. It's all shared global forms/configuration.

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